4 Reasons Millennials Choose Virtual Design

Updated: Mar 11

The quick answer to this is it's digital. While this generation is classified by an analog childhood and digital adulthood, millennials gravitate toward technology in almost every aspect of their lives. From online restaurant reservations to FaceTime doctor's appointments, millennials love technology. The long answer is much deeper than a simple affinity for tech. This new generation of long-term homeowners (or renters) choose e-Design over conventional interior design methods for these reasons:

  • convenience

  • adaptability

  • financial freedom

  • instant gratification

01 | For the average working American, time is hard to come by. Add in a family, or social life, and your free time becomes significantly more precious. If you could meet with a professional designer for one hour, wouldn't you jump on that opportunity? Plus, it's all from the comfort of your home.

02 | With Virtual Design, you can conveniently adjust or adapt the proposal to fit your needs, style, and budget. You decide when and how you implement your new design plan. Do you work the night shift? Or have kids with busier schedules than yourself? Don't worry about it. If there's one motivator for Virtual Design that's more important than the rest, this is it.

03 | Because your designer is not traveling to you or going to showrooms sourcing your furnishings, she can competitively price her design services. That saves you money. Because cash doesn't grow on trees, you can purchase cheaper alternative options to your designer's suggestions. That saves you money. And because you can't predict what life may throw at you, wait until you're financially ready to make that big investment. That also saves you money. To accommodate your current financial standing makes Virtual Design increasingly desirable among millennials.

04 | We all know and love/hate Amazon. They have set the standard for instant gratification. Virtual Design provides that Amazon-like satisfaction. You choose when you virtually meet with your designer. Your designer asks a bunch of questions about your home, lifestyle, and needs/wants.

Once you've finished up meeting with your designer, she'll get to work freshening up your home. Then, you will receive an email containing all the juicy details. A mood board, floor plan, shopping list, and plan of action are all yours. If you have any revisions to make, email or call your designer to update the master plan. And then it's up to you! Your financial freedom, your schedule, your commitment.