Color Trends 2021 | What to Expect in the New Year

It’s this time of year that every paint announces their featured color for the year ahead. I’m already looking forward to 2021 and what it holds for Evergreen Design Co, but seeing these new color trends is really getting me excited for the design industry as a whole. Now that all of the key players have shared their forecasted hues, I want to share each one and what I love (and maybe don’t love?) about each. And I think I can speak for all of us and say “good riddance” to 2020. So, let’s dive into the newest trends.

Benjamin Moore

Aegean Teal 2136-40 is Benjamin Moore’s front-runner for the new year, BUT the whole palette is honestly amazing. (Full disclosure, I prefer Benjamin Moore over most other paint brands. Their products are top-notch and their colors follow suit.) Biases aside, the vision behind these hues is on par with today’s societal needs. Working from home, schooling from home, just being at home has all of us focusing more on our environment. Why not make it as cosy and welcoming as possible?

Take a moment to reflect and reset. Nourish the spirit with comforting, sunbaked shades. Intriguing, balanced and deeply soothing, Aegean Teal creates natural harmony.

The top three principles in designing a home are mood, function, and harmony. This focus on harmony is what stands out most to me regarding this color palette. Each of their 12 hues pair with one another beautifully. Whether you’re painting, renovating, or simply adding new throw window treatments, Benjamin Moore’s 2021 color palette can be your single resource for an entire home’s design.

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Sherwin Williams

This is the color I excepted and hoped for this year. Urbane Bronze SW 7048 is a warm, rich neutral greige. When I thought about what I wanted to see in anticipation of the new year, I truly imagined this deep earthy shade of gray (or brown; it shifts based on it’s environment). I’m impressed by the thoughtfulness that goes into Sherwin Williams’ Color Forecast. They selected 40 hues, arranged into 4 unique palettes, to create Rhythm of Color.

Rhythm is the secret to how the natural world stays in step. The same sense of balance applies to our personal sense of nature through how we live — and how we design. Fast and slow. Quiet and expressive. Virtual and physical.

From Sanctuary to Encounter, Continuum to Tapestry, these key descriptors embody what I expect the new year to feel like in design and in the rest of the world. If there’s any good that snuck out of the pandemic shut-downs (besides stopping the spread!), its this— many folks realized the significance and importance of a well-designed home. Whether it’s furnishings or just color on the walls, those who have been within the confines of their homes are seeing how their lives change, moods improve, relationships grow, when surrounded by what makes them happy and carefree. I see that encouragement come from these intentionally welcoming, peaceful colors. Well done, Sherwin Williams.

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Farrow & Ball

Unlike Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, this luxury brand has simply selected 12 hues to create a 2021 palette. Farrow & Ball’s collection embodies warmth, traditionalism, and nature. My favorite characteristic of F&B paint is its already limited, time-honoring palette of 148 hues. I admire this about them— they lean into what they know is good. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel (the color wheel, that is) to have a stunning offering of products.

In challenging times, we crave warm tones that will enrich our homes and create cosy sanctuaries away from the outside world. | Joa Studholme

The timelessly saturated colors in Farrow & Ball’s 2021 collection are reminiscent of seasons past. As their expert colorist Joa stated above, I agree that in the new year we will be craving more of the warm tones seen in this palette. The all-gray-everything trend is certainly on the downswing (I can’t say I’m upset, honestly) and full-bodied colors are here to stay. I heard it said once that there are no “bad” colors, just wrong application and wrong environment. And how true that is! The shocking reds and country golds we saw in the 90’s might still scare you, but don’t be afraid to try something different, because it could just be a case of wrong place, wrong time.

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I hope you are as excited about the color forecast as I am for 2021, and I can’t wait to start seeing these hues in action. Let me know what you think of these color palettes below, I would love your feedback!