One Room Challenge 2020: In Review (Part 1)

Updated: Feb 25

This spring, I signed up to participate in the One Room Challenge on a whim. I had not yet finished my site so I documented the process on Instagram, but I really wanted to solidify the project here, where it's easy to find (and all content remains my own, if we're being honest). I know many of you probably came along for the ride on IG so this will be rather redundant. Feel free to skip this post. I don't blame you. But for newcomers, here's the story:

Spring 2020 One Room Challenge was pushed back to start in May, and several accounts I follow on IG were participating. I thought to myself, "This would be a really good way to fill my time at home during COVID-19." The only problem: I had no rooms left to transform in my apartment. So I pushed the thought aside and figured I would join someday when Sean and I decide to buy a home.

Over the following days, I kept stumbling upon SO MANY design boards, project plans, and amazing accounts getting ready for ORC.

On Saturday May 9th, I submitted my application to join in the fun. Several months ago, my parents began work in their master suite. Since they both work full-time, the project was put on the back burner. Their house was built 20 years ago and it needed a refresh. And so that became my project! I had put together a rough mood board and called my mom, hoping she would be on board because I carelessly signed up without telling her (sorry, Mom).

Thankfully, she was just as excited as I was! My mother, my stepdad, and I sat down and brainstormed what we needed to complete (if you didn't already know, I am a list person; a planner at heart). We created a bulleted list and organized every job into the seven weeks we were given for the ORC.

I created the initial design for this space months prior to the ORC as inspiration for my parent's as they tackled the project themselves. It served as the jumping off point for the to-do list. A few things not seen in the design are the bathroom designs, picture ledge, and wallpaper. Those came along when the design resurfaced for the One Room Challenge. A major inspiration for this design is Julia Marcum (of Chris Loves Julia) and their new #cljcottage. I am loving the work they are doing with their own master suite and felt that that vibe would work really well here, too.

WEEKS 1 + 2

All the "hard" stuff was at the beginning. We might be decent painters but it's definitely not our favorite. The whole house has natural pine trim and doors that we wanted white for the master suite. It was 100% worth all the work because the space has a completely different vibe now. I selected Benjamin Moore's Mascarpone AF-20 for the woodwork and Soft Chamois OC-13 for the walls.

I love so much the way these two colors complement each other. Since they're both warm whites, they harmonize beautifully and still give the space that bright, open feeling it was lacking before. To be honest, this room was pretty much entirely inspired by this wallpaper. We loved the pattern and the colors so we ran with it. Besides, it fit the modern cottage style I envisioned for the suite.

Side note: look at these insane Before & After shots of the bathroom JUST from painting! I will always stand behind paint as the best way to transform a space with little time and financial investment.

WEEKS 3 + 4

After all the painting and wallpapering was completed in week 2, I took a breather for week 3, knowing that installing the new floors was the next big task. I reassessed my to-do list and added a couple of DIY's for Sean to tackle later on and rested up before getting the floors ready to go down. For the floors, I teamed up with my stepdad, Bill, who has many years of experience in construction and carpentry. We each took a couple days off from work to dedicate to this task, and I'm glad I did! Those two days were exhausting, but so so worth it.

For several reasons, I suggested my parent's purchase luxury vinyl plank (LVP) for their bedroom. Not only is it durable and way more attractive than carpeting, modern printing and embossment processes are so advanced that these waterproof planks look so much like authentic wood flooring. Since I wanted to carry the flooring all the way through the closet and bathroom, I knew it needed to be 100% waterproof. The brown-toned floor adds another layer of warmth and luxury to the bathroom, as well, that was lacking with its previous glossy, beige linoleum.

With the addition of the new floors, the Master Suite is really beginning to look the way I hoped. So, while I'm sharing progress pictures now, I'm going to hold off posting on fully-furnished images until the final reveal because it's gonna be GOOD and I don't want to spoil the surprise.  

To keep this post short(er), I will be cutting my One Room Challenge project review into to blog posts. You can find weeks 5-7 and the Reveal in Part 2 here.