One Room Challenge 2020: In Review (Part 2)

If you look at the title of this post and the date it was actually published, you'll see a discrepancy. That's because I forgot to publish the final draft. So while this One Room Challenge was from Spring 2020, and written about the following July, I'm just getting around to finally putting it out into the world. Better late than never, right?

I left off in Part 1 at the completion of installing floors and getting furniture back in order. During that time, our country came to a halt, where many of us hit mute and took a step back from life as we knew it. I want to start this post by saying I am grateful for the impact this time has had on myself and our nation as a whole. I won't be silent about social injustice. I want this to be a space to celebrate one another, learn from each other, and ultimately love everyone. I hope you become part of this community with me.


With just two weeks left of the One Room Challenge, the master suite has taken shape nicely and I'm beginning to add in the finishing touches, ie, artwork, accent furniture and little decor items. A major addition this week has been the DIY'ed upholstered headboard. This wasn't included in my original design but it became the perfect piece to complete the bedside vignette. Unfortunately, I was taking a phone-break while we built the headboard so I didn't get A SINGLE picture of the DIY process. It was insanely easy though and I plan to do another one soon with a blog post all about the materials I used, how we assembled it, and the project cost (spoiler alert: it was cheap).

The headboard, as you can see here, really completed this wall. Which leads me to the big "design dilemma" of this space: asymmetrical windows. For some reason, the two windows in this room meet at the far corner, making both walls feel off-balance. To remedy that, I added this chunky 26" x 40" picture frame with a simple line-drawn print. The visual weight of the picture frame and print help to balance out the wall and give a more symmetrical look since the window makes quite the statement there.

Poplar wood infamously has a greenish tint. After I stained it with Old Master's Fruitwood wiping stain, the orange undertone of the stain helped to hide the green tint of the wood and create a light, neutral looking finish.


It's the final stretch of the spring 2020 One Room Challenge and I can't believe how quickly these weeks passed. I am definitely inclined to feel a little extra anxiety with upcoming deadlines, but I honestly didn't experience much nearing the close of this project. With the final major items installed and placed, all that was remaining was styling and photoshoot. I had hoped to photograph the space on June 27th to share on the 28th, which would have been halfway through the total reveal week. But the weather was too lousy to do so. I fortunately had the following Tuesday off from work and spent that day on the shoot.

This picture ledge and bench moment was one of the last pieces to be put together. I worried the bench wouldn't arrive on time (along with the area rugs) but they all came within a couple days of week 8! And with that, the project was complete.


The time has come to show off our modern cottage master suite. Everything cosmetic about this space has changed drastically. The addition of new flooring certainly made the biggest impact here. Throw in a fresh new color palette and some finishing touches and you have a calming retreat in place of an eclectic catch-all bedroom. When I was discussing design plans with my parents, we addressed the main function of the room: rest. The goal throughout the project was to create a place to wind down and truly rest. With that, we made it a point to find new homes for some of the items that often found their home on top of bureaus, bedside tables, etc. to maintain an intentionally peaceful, clutter-free retreat.