Slow and Steady | ORC ‘21 Week 2

Small progress is still progress. — Morgan Harper Nichols

That’s what I keep telling myself this week, haha. Since returning from our vacation in Arizona, all it seems I have done is catch up with what I missed last week.

Side note: vacation should be longer. And more frequent. Don’t you agree?

I did accomplish something this week and it is exciting. I have begun painting the walls. I might be jumping the gun a little but I knew this week would be busy so I kept my expectations low.

Let me tell you, this color is even better than I imagined. I ordered a large sample from Material Bank a while back and had it up on the walls for a few days. It paired well with both my black cabinetry and the walnut wood tone of the hutch. As I mentioned in last week’s post (you can catch up on it here), my goal is to lean into the dark, moodiness of my kitchen, so I elected for a dark wall color. I needed to ensure that the dark wall color would harmonize with the cabinets and hutch but also contrast well. I didn’t want to lose the charm of the hutch or the drama of my cabinets. Benjamin Moore’s Bittersweet Chocolate was the color from the swatches I ordered, and it’s definitely the color now that I see it on the walls.

I haven’t removed all of the wallpaper yet on the hutch wall so this is all I have that’s close to the final design. I’m biased toward Benjamin Moore paints since I have worked (now part-time) at a decorating shop which sells BM paints. I’ve used everything from their entry-level commercial paints to the top-of-the-line Aura paint in my home and I can honestly say that Regal Select is that perfect balance of price and quality. It’s easy to work with and covers well, even when changing colors dramatically, like I’m doing for the One Room Challenge.

I’m just giddy to see it all done seeing how well this color pairs with my cabinets is the spark I needed to make more progress.